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What we do

Best solution development

We start by understanding your product, process and packaging needs.  Then we walk with you the road of packaging design and development to find the ultimate solution, always keeping in mind the environment, reducing material needs and promoting a circular economy.

Flexible and world class manufacturing
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Our Vertical Integration allows us to run from a few hundreds to hundreds of thousands, quickly responding to constantly changing market conditions. Our Quality assurance process provides the conditions to supply our customers reliable products to reduce inspection and improve productivity.

On time delivery

No matter the size of the customer, we always deliver on time.  Whether it's a stock product or specially designed, our operations are designed to deliver.

Materials and packaging testing

Our testing lab is at your service to sample and test your materials and packaging.  Because we want to be sure your product will be protected and that the packaging will perform as designed, our lab validates what our development team creates with you.

+52 (33) 3342 - 2550

+52 (33) 3126 - 2469

+52 (33) 3656 - 2031

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