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Our Process

First Meeting

We start by meeting with you to understand what you need.  Whether you have a clear idea, a sample, or just a vague concept of what you might need, we help you land those ideas to start the design process.

Design & Development

Now that we understand what you need, we start brainstorming and assessing courses of action.  From a conceptual design that meets you requirements, we proceed to define materials as well as physical and functional specifications.


Once the solution has been fully defined, we build a full or partial prototype for you to test in your process and measure how it performs.

Production Mold Making

Our experienced mold making team will use CNC and laser cutting equipment to build all toolings inhouse for higher quality and performance.


Lean Manufacturing manages our extrusion and thermoforming lines to constantly ship and deliver on time large and small orders to our customers.


ISO certifiable quality system provides the conditions to consistently manufacture our products every time, so our customers use our solutions with confidence.


Regardless of the size of the order or the destination region, we are able to solve logistic challenges to deliver where our customers need our solutions.

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+52 (33) 3342 - 2550

+52 (33) 3126 - 2469

+52 (33) 3656 - 2031

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